Longer Lasting – The Bloomix Partner Program

Partner Deals and Branding for Restaurants, for Resellers and for Promotional Use

We are thoroughly enthusiastic about our products, and we’ve been proven right by our success. Now, we at bloomix are looking for partners with whom we can work together and further expand this success. Join us and and you too can profit from the premium restaurant quality of our double-walled thermal glasses. Make your customers happy – with high grade products from bloomix.

There are a number of ways you can make this happen:

  • You sell bloomix products to make your customers happy, whether in your specialty shop, via your retail distribution chain or from your online shop
  • You use bloomix products to make your own customers happy. This might be because you are a restauranteur and you’re no longer willing to deny your guests the many benefits of bloomix thermal glasses. Maybe you’re also interested in profiting from the advantages related to time savings and process management in your establishment.
  • Maybe you’re a caterer and want to show your customers that it’s really possible to keep hot beverages longer hot and cold beverages longer cold – and exactly this is possible with a truly innovative design that makes it appear that the contents within float weightless.
  • You advertise with bloomix products to please your customers…or to make yourself happy…or both. Whatever your intention, you can individually customise our thermal glassware with your logo or your slogan. You decide what you’d like – we’ll make it just for you…just be sure to order at least 504 units.

Your logo can be applied between the glass walls of your bloomix thermal glasses during the production process using an offset printing method (on the outside surface of the inner glass). It is thus protected for the life of the glass as it never comes into contact with the outside world. The result: no scratches and no fading.

Let’s be successful together. Contact us and we’ll go over the details and discuss all the options. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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Keep longer warm. Keep longer cold.